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"Opportunity Today, Prosperity Tomorrow."

Audrey, a neighborhood team leader in Waukesha, hosted a watch party for the first night of convention.


A room full of happy and proud volunteers from the Latino community, her team "has become a family that supports each other, and reaches out together to help find more volunteers."

"Julian Castro's speech got quite a few cheers from the crowd of Latino women! He spoke about the sacrifices that his grandmother and mother made on his behalf -- it rings so true to us -- a proud moment for us.”
"He was really impressive, humbling and full of hope."

Since her team started two months ago, this family of volunteers has been an integral part of Audrey's life, "they are all my stars." Her son currently attends college in Iowa, and the rest of her family is back in Puerto Rico. A student attending Iowa State University, he had the privilege of seeing President Obama speak at his campus last week. "My son is very proud of the work I'm doing, and I'm so proud to be able to share the life experiences that I want to pass on to him, and leave a stamp on the world."

So as Audrey organizes for her son and her community, events like last night's watch party are reminders of the work ahead. "It's just awesome to listen to Michelle Obama and Julian Castro to breathe a fire inside all of us, really inspiring us to keep doing what are doing and help bring justice to the Latino community."

As Julian Castro stated last night, "The American Dream is not a sprint or even a marathon--but a relay."

Grab that torch, get fired up and get involved in your community.

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