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Move-in Day? Time to meet an S-R-D

Now is the best time and easiest way to register to vote here in Wisconsin.

As we start to countdown the 84 days left until Election Day, beginning today you can get registered by a Special Registration Deputy in your own community.


Have you moved recently?

If you move to a new residence in Wisconsin, even if just to a different apartment down the street, you have to re-register to vote for the November 6th election. Today in Madison, as well as in college towns across the state, Badger students are moving in and moving out of their residences to get ready for the upcoming school year.

When you grab the keys to your new place, why not update your registration status or take the time to register to vote for the first time?

Find a Special Registration Deputy, or "SRD," in your area, and they can help. You can also request absentee ballots if you choose to vote early.

An “SRD” is someone from your community who has been certified and trained to help register voters and make sure every person is prepared for Election Day. Every Wisconsinite should be able to exercise their right to vote – and you can make that happen.

Ready to Own Your Vote? Get registered, then get involved by becoming an SRD.

Visit and find all the information you need to make sure you're ready November 6th!

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