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Michelle Obama visits Racine and Wausau!

First Lady Michelle Obama joined Wisconsinites yesterday in Racine and Wausau to talk about what's at stake this election, and how we can ensure that President Obama is reelected on November 6th.

"We believe in an America where every child, no matter where they’re born or how much money their parents have, every child in this country should have good schools to go to, the kind of schools that push them and inspire them, and prepare them for college and jobs of the future."

"I’ve seen how the issues that come across a President’s desk are always the hard ones -- always -- the decisions that aren’t just about the bottom line, but they’re about laying a foundation for the next generation."

"And I’ve seen how, as President, how important it is to have a President who doesn’t just tell us what we want to hear, but who tells us the truth, even when it’s hard -- and especially when it’s hard."

"And as my husband has said, this election will be closer than the last one. That's the only guarantee. And it could all come down to just a few battleground states like right here in Wisconsin."

"I just want you to remember, and know, and understand that what we do for the next 18 days will absolutely make the difference between waking up on November the 7th, the day after Election Day, and wondering, could I have done more, or feeling the promise of four more years. That’s the difference. It’s this work that we do on the ground."


Be the difference. Be the first to cast your ballot starting on Monday October 22nd and make it count by signing up for a GOTV shift.

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