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Meet Your Organizers: Amber in Green Bay

Fifteen months ago, I walked into a small campaign office in the suburbs of Chicago, eager to grab a piece of this election. I had never made a phone call. I had never knocked on a door. I had never talked to another voter about why I supported President Obama or Vice President Biden.

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I sat in that campaign office and was inspired by the community that existed within. I began to volunteer with the campaign. I made some calls—I began to engage more and more with supporters and activists; I began to grow this campaign—person by person.

That is what this campaign is about - my actions were simple that summer, but empowered others to continue to pass along the President’s message. This is something all of us can do! Many volunteers across Wisconsin have already joined a neighborhood team, made phone calls, and knocked on doors to talk to neighbors. They understand why it is important we begin this process today, and not tomorrow. We have started an enormous grassroots effort from the ground up, not the top down.

However, our grassroots movement must continue to grow to ensure our great state goes blue in November. Change is not a spectator sport. Change requires individuals like you and me to come together to make a difference.

Roll up your sleeves, take an hour or two each week and join in our efforts!”

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