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A life-long Republican says "I'm voting for Obama"

Carole, now retired, spent her working years on the campaign trail for Republican leaders like Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater. Now, she spends her time at the local field office in Sheboygan.


I was a serious republican. I voted in every election, including primaries, for the last 60 years. But something changed in the last few years: Republicans became too extreme and in 2004 I voted for Democrats on the ticket for the first time in my life.

I remember watching Barack Obama’s speech at the DNC that year and being very impressed with him. He just made sense. I got involved in his campaign in 2008 and I’m volunteering again this year to make sure he gets reelected.

President Obama has already done so much to make America strong. One of the best examples is the auto bailout – and his opponent said he shouldn’t have done that.

Carole is spending her time supporting the candidate that is already working hard every day to keep America on track. Volunteer for a GOTV shift at your local field office and keep Wisconsin moving forward.

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