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Latinos por Obama kicks off with a fiesta!

On Saturday, we turned up the heat and started up the grill to launch Wisconsin’s Latinos for Obama organizing efforts. Folks from across Milwaukee were joined by National Latino Vote Director Adrian Saenz and Wisconsin Latinos for Obama Chair State Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa.

Adrian said:

Wisconsin is an important state from a national perspective and I think the Latino vote program that we’re building here is incredibly important to winning Wisconsin.

It’s important for people to know what the president has accomplished and what it means to them. Take health care for example. Folks need to know that by 2014, 9 million Hispanics across the country will have access to affordable health care – and that’s a game changer for a lot families, including mine.

On education the president has made it easier for 150,000 Hispanics student to go to college and have access to Pell grants. For a student who want to go to college in the next year, that’s a reason to get involved.

Wisconsin’s Latinos for Obama Chair State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa of Milwaukee talked about the significance of our organizing and the important issues she hears about every day.

In Wisconsin, the Latino community is the fastest growing population in our great state and President Obama recognizes that. He’s invested in this community and making sure Latinos are civically engaged and getting out to vote this November.

When I talk to people here in the community, there’s a desire to see things like tough, fair, comprehensive immigration reform implemented, and I think there’s real hope with the decisions that President Obama has made in the last few weeks that’s we’ve moved in the right direction.

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