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Kal Penn Visits Campus

Former White House staffer and renowned funnyman Kal Penn toured Wisconsin to talk to students about what’s at stake this election. His unique views working with President Obama and organizing in ’08 gave perspective to the issues that matter to young Americans.

Kal touched on why he got involved in this grassroots movement – he said it was his young friends that influenced him, their adversity with equal rights and making hard choices in order to afford an education.

“President Obama would not back down when it came to making college affordable and maintaining tax breaks for young people and not corporations.”

Throughout the tour, Kal was also joined by Senatorial candidate Tammy Baldwin, Congressional candidate Rob Zerban and other elected officials.

“The biggest focus this election is jobs and the economy. Having a president that is connected to modern technology is something that will have a real payoff down the line.”

Interacting one on one with students, Kal stressed the importance of person-to-person conversations that will make the difference this election.

“Get registered and get certified to register voters. Wisconsin was won by roughly 4,000 votes in 2004, that number is really the difference of a few students organizing and getting their friends to the polls.”

Join students on your campus – help register and talk to voters about what’s at stake in this election.

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