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#ItTakesOne: Faces of Wisconsin

With election day in our sights, we asked Wisconsinites what they plan to do to make sure that President Obama is reelected on November 6th.

"In the next ten weeks I’m going to be canvassing as much as I can. I have two children, work full time, but I’ve managed to do it...I’m famous for driving people to vote! I drive people to vote, I call, I do phone banks, I do door-to-door. I bring my kids with me and they really enjoy it."
– Evett, Oneida Nation Reservation
"We are absolutely shocked about what is at stake for woman and the lack of truth in this electioneering."
"They want smaller government but want government in our personal lives. I am three months short of 76 and have never lived through something like this."
"Judy and I have signed up for volunteering in the Sturgeon Bay Democratic Party office and we’re pretty old timers at this, we’ve been volunteering together for some time."
– Ruth and Judy, Sturgeon Bay
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"In the next ten weeks, I’m going to go out and I’m going to talk to people, I’m going to let them know that the stock market has grown... I’m going to let them know that the money that was lent to the auto industry was paid back with interest and America is back to being number one. I am also going to let them know that small businesses are saving money through the affordable health care plan. Those are the things that I’ve got to get out there because people are confused. Wisconsin, we’ve got your back!"
– Mark, Appleton

With less than ten weeks left, it takes one to make a difference.
How are you going to get involved today?

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