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In Memorial: Neighborhood Team Leader Ronald Lear

Yesterday we lost a talented and passionate volunteer with our grassroots efforts – Ronald Lear of Tomah, Wisconsin.

We don't know our time, and don't get that many chances to make a difference, but what we'll remember is that Ron was a friend and force in the field office and loved deeply by those who had the privilege of speaking with him. Here are excerpts from a spotlight piece on Ronald from March of this year:

Eight years ago, Ron was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Before his diagnosis, Ron had served in the army for 12-and-a-half years, was a shift supervisor at Kenner Army Hospital, and had recently retired with his wife and four children in Tomah, Wisconsin.

When Ron was first diagnosed, medical bills nearly put him into bankruptcy. After struggling to get appropriate insurance and coverage for prescriptions, the Affordable Care Act gave him access to the care he needed. He was able to find insurance despite having a pre-existing condition. The coverage he gained for the prescriptions made them more affordable and helped him get out of the "doughnut hole."

As a father, Ron also wants to make sure his family will be able to have access to the health care they need. As his son goes off to college in the near future, he is relieved that his son will be covered by their insurance until he’s 26 years old.

Ron doesn’t let his MS stop him from staying active – he’s determined and committed to re-electing President Obama in every way in can.

"Health is a frame of mind, I try to look positively at the things I can do. Not dwelling on the things I can't do."

"I taught in the military, so speaking in front of people is not a problem for me. I love getting out there and talking to my neighbors—we’ve got some great people in this town, and door-knocking is one of my favorite things to do."

"I used to be a Republican, but then I saw Barack Obama and I just knew: He gets this. And he spoke from the heart. I decided this was the guy for me. So last campaign, I was out there with my walker talking to people about health care."

"He’s kept more campaign promises than any President in history, and the promises he was making, he had to fight to get them done. I knew that one man couldn’t fix all of our problems, but he helped unite people in their communities to get things done."


Ronald's son, Zach, will be out canvassing every weekend for his Dad.

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