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I was the First to Vote for Barack Obama

On October 22nd people lined up, camped out, and woke up before dawn all across Wisconsin to be the first to vote for Barack Obama. Although it may have been an early morning, Colton - a young man from Platteville, WI - was the first person in the entire state to cast his ballot to reelect Barack Obama.

"It's a huge honor to know that I was the first in all of Wisconsin to vote for President Obama. It was already a special day because it was also my 20th birthday! It's something I will never forget!"

Colton Crop

Now that Colton has voted, he knows the real work begins:

"Voting early was so quick and easy. As a fellow for the campaign, I'm happy I got my vote in already so that I can spend the rest of my time until Election Day training volunteers and getting people to the polls. After the first day of early voting we filled up our GOTV shifts for the next 4 days at my field office."

"This election matters to me on a personal level. I grew up in a single parent household and college was always a dream of mine – I received a Pell Grant and it became a reality. Barack Obama has doubled Pell Grants and because of that, student like myself can afford an education. I'd hate to see that same opportunity not be given to every person who wants to go to school but can't afford it."

You can join Colton in supporting the President by voting early at your local Early Vote Location now though November 2nd. Then, sign up for a GOTV shift any time through Election Day on November 6th.

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