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"I told Joe I didn't vote for him… I’m all-in now."

Jay G., an army veteran and lifetime resident of Waupun, WI, works at a telecommunications company and is trying to start a small business on the side. He spoke directly to Vice President Joe Biden during his visit to Green Bay.

"I told Joe I didn't vote for him."

Their conversation continued, and touched on his military service. Jay believes to dismiss soldiers with PTSD is “tasteless,” so it was “inspiring to hear Joe’s commitment to taking care of them once they came home.”

"I never totally agreed with Walker and Ryan's approach to our economy, but even after the recall election, I wasn't sure what I would do… I'm a big NRA guy. But after my deployment in Iraq, and seeing what happened, there and (in Wisconsin) – it gave me perspective."

"I’ve been paying social security for my whole working life, and hearing Paul Ryan threaten to cut that… I'm all-in now."

"Their policies are not going to rebuild the middle class. It's going create a situation that has more people needing more government subsidies – then they are going to eliminate those subsidies."

So now Jay is “doing whatever (he) can do to help.” On the last night of the Democratic National Convention, he hosted a watch party at his house that was “more packed than the local bar.” He thought there were “lots of inspirational speeches,” and thought “Joe Biden’s was especially outstanding.”

Jay also watched the Republican National Convention, and it made him feel – uneasy.

“It was the difference between feeling frightened and feeling inspired.”

“I'm very worried about my community. There's definitely messages getting distorted and information that needs to be conveyed person to person. That's why I'm here."

Jay G. is an active independent that is owning his vote this November. He's engaging his neighbors, you can too. Commit to vote today.

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