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I Organize For Equal Access For All Communities.

“Growing up in a lower income area, it was very difficult to feel like I could make an impact on the world. Three or four years ago, all the grocery stores in my community closed down, the nearest was in the state over.“

“So I started delivering vegetables to the doors of seniors in my area that didn’t have access to transportation. The reason I’m here and organizing for this election is because something as simple as having fresh produce in your community shouldn’t be a question in America, and that has to do with equality and corporate enterprises shutting down services based only on profit and not need.

“That’s really why I’m here…organizing in suburban communities and sharing my story. I worked my butt off to get an education and start a small business and grow as a person beyond my local neighborhood, but now I want to do everything I can to grow that community, and others, and give back. That’s what our country is based on, that’s my American dream.”

Stephanie organizes for equal access for all communities. Join her and others, champion your cause and organize in your neighborhood.

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