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I Organize For a Fair Shot For All

What really drives me is that before I went to college, my father had tough mental health issues, and my mother and I were worried that we would have to choose between his health and my education. I became very aware of how lucky I was to have a chance to go to a good school and have health insurance that covered him. I became aware that the things I took for granted shouldn't be reliant on luck.

I'm very interested in working with students as we have a lot of potential to address the issues that matter to us and decide where our country goes. Especially on a campus like UW-GB, there are a lot of first-generation students and veterans, and many students don't feel represented. The coolest thing about being a part of the campaign is getting young americans registered to vote – because once they vote now they'll own that vote for the rest of their lives.

If you stand for affordable healthcare and affordable education for all young Americans, join organizers on campuses across Wisconsin and commit to vote for President Obama.

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