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Our newest member of the #Heartland2012 tour is Kurtwood Smith, better known as "Red Forman" from That 70's Show. Kurtwood, a native of New Lisbon, WI, is on the Heartland RV to visit with Wisconsinites to talk about the issues that matter to him and his family this election.

"I use my voice a lot…It's a tool that I use in my line of work to build character. In this campaign, you are the voice.

Whether on the phones, at the front door, with your neighbors, your friends, in the line at the grocery store, your voice is what's going to make this election.

And it's hard, I know. But if you get one person to actually think about the issues, that makes all the difference. You've gone through a lot these past few years in Wisconsin, but now is our chance to use that voice and change this nation!"

Kurtwood is owning his vote and telling his personal story from Sheboygan to Superior. Follow the action by liking our page on Facebook and checking out pictures from the road!

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