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Friends Compete to be the First in Wisconsin to Vote for Barack Obama

Anna and Sam are a lot of things: young women, socially conscious citizens, and great friends. On Monday, October 22nd, they’re going to add "fierce competitors" to that list as they compete to be the first voter in Wisconsin to cast their ballot for Barack Obama.

“It’s really important and cool to vote early. How often do you get to be the first in your state to do something? I just turned 18, so I’m super excited because it’s my first election. The City Clerks office, October 22nd -- you know I’ll be there early." -Anna

“Fine, if you are showing up early, I’ll be there even earlier. Bring it on! I can’t wait to be the first person in Wisconsin to cast my ballot for Barack Obama.” - Sam

Anna and Sam will be competing to say those coveted words, “I was the first person in Wisconsin to vote for Barack Obama!”

Think you can beat Anna and Sam to the polls on October 22nd? Find out more about what you need to do to be the first to vote for Barack Obama in Wisconsin. Go to our web site:

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