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Faces of Janesville: Obama-cares

Allen, a Janesville resident for the last 6 years, volunteered for then-Senator Obama during the 2008 election as a team leader. Allen loves living in Janesville because it “has a big population but a lot of small town values, small town values like fairness, and taking care of your own.” And it’s because of those values that he is supporting the president again in 2012.

“The reason why I have supported President Obama is because of the Affordable Care Act. Healthcare is a big issue for me because I have Crohn’s disease. I was diagnosed when I was 16 years old and it’s a very difficult disease to treat. It involves a lot of tests and a lot of medications that have to be taken. With the Affordable Care Act, I am able to get health insurance even though health insurance companies would determine my illness as a preexisting condition. It just seems completely unfair - if we get sick we should be able to have access to the health care we need to make ourselves well.”

“The Affordable Care Act has helped not just me, but any person who has a chronic illness. It breaks my heart that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan just want to give me a voucher and tell me ‘the best of luck’. He worked to pass health insurance because it was the right thing to do – that’s why I’m supporting the president and trying to get him reelected.”

Obamacare is making health care work better for all of us -- pledge to vote early starting October 22nd and be one of the first to cast your ballot to support President Obama.

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