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I want to 'Be the First' to cast my ballot for President Obama

On Monday, Wisconsinites across the state cast their ballots for President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket. In Oshkosh, Ben McKenzie joined an excited group who spent the night camping outside their local polling place for the opportunity to be the first to cast their ballot for President Obama.


Here’s what a few of them had to say…

Kyle, 19, spoke of the energy of the campout as well as his reasons for voting.


“As the first person to vote for Barack Obama in Oshkosh it feels truly wonderful to support the President,” Kyle said. “I’m a member of the LGBT community as well as a full time student and President Obama supports my rights. The camp out was fantastic! We pumped ourselves up with civic pride!”

Another early voter, 20-year-old Faith, said she felt President Obama has a good personal connection with citizens.

“I’m so happy to be one of the first people to vote for the President. I agree with his stance on social issues much more than the other party,” Faith said. “I’m from Janesville and I’ve seen Barack Obama more times than I’ve seen Paul Ryan. The President seems to really care about people and I can’t say the same for the opposition.”

For Daniel, 18, this is the first time he has voted in a presidential election, and spoke to the excitement that came with voting early.

“It’s really exciting to be one of the first people in Wisconsin to vote for President Obama. It’s really got me pumped up now that I have all the bubbles filled in!” Daniel said. "This is my first presidential election and it’s really important because President Obama is looking out for every American.”

Another voter, 18-year-old Hallie, said she was happy to know her vote counted and it was made more special because she voted early.

“It’s exhilarating to be one of the first people in Wisconsin to cast my ballot for President Obama. It’s an amazing opportunity that I’m so happy I got to take advantage of,” Hallie said. “I know I made a difference and got this election off to a good start by turning out early.”

In Wisconsin, you can vote early now through November 2nd. Find all the information you need about early voting at

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