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Congrats to the winners of the #ItTakesOnes Digital Challenge

Did you follow the #ItTakesOne hashtag last weekend? Volunteers and organizers across the state sent updates throughout the #ItTakesOne Weekend of Action to show us what was happening in our offices and communities across the state.

After some strong organizing and impressive number, the winners of the digital challenge are our organizers in the @OFAWaukesha region.

Day in, day out these teams of volunteers don’t stop organizing and are determined to help win Wisconsin for President Obama again in 2012.

It great to hear from organizers like @SabeyAbraham @Robert_OFAWisco @ofa_mrigney @SamRikkers @ajkahle who work with neighborhood teams, fellows and volunteers every day.

Make sure to follow them on Twitter for latest updates about all the events happening in the Waukesha area.

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