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Con mi familia

Rebeca first got involved in organizing when her brother ran for local office, and saw the impact one person can have on a community.

Voting is a part of taking action as a citizen. It’s the first step to getting your voice heard. I always thought, ‘What’s one person, one vote going to do?’ Now my eyes have been opened to the fact that 'one person' can really make all the difference.

As an education assistant in Milwaukee, Rebeca knows how important it is to talk about the issues and often looks for information to share with others in her community about the impact of these issues in their daily lives.

It’s discouraging when it doesn’t seem like a level playing field, especially with the language barrier. It was easier to knock on doors in our neighborhood when I went with my mom and we could be a team and talk from the heart about my brother. Now, when I organize to support President Obama, the more I do it, the more I learn about President Obama, and the more I respect him.
There’s a lack of understanding and interest in politics in the Latino community. I don’t think we realize how much power we actually have. We have a stake in this election, as we have a stake in this country. Our strong community has rights that need to be protected.

Rebeca has continued to organize events with her family to make sure that everyone in her community knows what’s at stake in November. Gather up your friends and family and get involved to own your vote on November 6th.

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