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Biker for Obama: 48 states, 9,000 miles

Ellery has been on the road for six and a half months, biking around the country and telling people why he is voting to re-elect the president. He biked through Wisconsin during the president's visit to Madison.

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“I started up in Vermont circling around the country stopping at campaign offices, knocking on doors, doing phone calls -- whatever it takes to get the president re-elected. Whenever people ask me why I do it, I say that there are so many stand out reasons -- like his commitment to the environment and ending subsidies for big oil companies.“

“But most of all, in the last couple of days, actually, I lost an aunt to a long battle with cancer. She had to deal with so many intense interactions, almost like humiliation, at the hands of insurance companies. So my support for Barack was kind of an all-of-the-above thing, but now is definitely about defending health care – what the president has done, and what he will do when the Affordable Care act takes full effect in 2014. It’s definitely become much more personal in the last few days.”

“This election is winding down, and even if it’s hard, I’m going to keep riding.”

Ellery is owning his vote this November. Get involved in your community.

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