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Because it's my future that they’re talking about


Ian knows he has the support of his family to pursue his dreams and higher education, but knew he would have to pave his own way financially.

As an economics and political science student at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, he works hard to get the good grades he needs so that he can continue on to graduate school. In order to make ends meet, Ian works at the university’s hospital as a dietary aid and relies on the help of student loans.

Today, student loans help make higher education more affordable for students across Wisconsin and across the country - which is why Ian thinks it is important that the interest rates on student loans do not go up.

“Barack Obama took out the middle man in student loans, so rather then borrowing from a private bank, my student loans are better funded, and my interest rates will be manageable.”

During the summer, Ian interned at a field office with local organizers in Madison and learned so much from the supporters and volunteers he worked with every day:

“I have a vested interest in the political process because it is my future that they’re talking about. People say that they are always “too busy” to get involved, but if the president is going to help me and everyone other student through his actions, then I’m going to put in some time to help his plans.”

Despite his rigorous schedule this fall, Ian still manages to stop in on the weekends to do what he can. He also talks to his fellow students about the election and what’s at stake for the future of young people like them.

“It is very important to know if the policies the President will put into place will help you get a job once you graduate. When you connect with people on a grassroots level, they are more likely to listen. Friend to friend, person to person, acquaintance to acquaintance.”

“Our president believes more in investing in young Americans than letting them go their own. What made us successful in the past is a strong middle-class and a strong consumer base… I’m confident Barack Obama is the best choice this election for that success.”

Make a commitment today to get involved -- even just couple hours each week could make the difference on Election Day.

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