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Actresses Olivia Munn and Ashley Judd Fire up Wisconsin.

Taking a break from their busy filming schedule to speak with voters, Olivia Munn and Ashley Judd visited Wisconsin on Saturday . Speaking at Marquette, Olivia Munn joked around with students, but emphasized the unique importance of owning your vote in Wisconsin.

"Every single person in Wisconsin has the power to really change the whole election. And you can vote early starting October 22nd. It’s this rare, magical place where your vote really matters, like Narnia, with unicorns… except it's Wisconsin… so I guess they’d be uni-cows."

Ashley Judd spoke at packed field offices in Kenosha and Waukesha about the president’s commitment to equality for all.

“Barack Obama has supported women’s rights across the board, from the Lily-Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, on day one no less!, to awomen’s right to have control over their own bodies. And his opponent wants to take those rights away.”

Olivia and Ashley are committed to helping re-elect President Obama. Wisconsin IS a magical place, so show your support by voting early starting October 22nd and get involved between now and Election Day.

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