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A President for the Future of Small Business

When President Obama took office, American small businesses were struggling under the devastating effects of the recession, a chilling credit freeze and escalating healthcare costs.

In response to these challenges brought on by the collapse of Wall Street and the global economy, President Obama cut taxes for small businesses, helped free up access to credit, and gave small businesses the same clout in negotiating healthcare costs as major companies.

“I can’t tell you how much it means to know that we have a President that’s looking out for small business owners like me. He has cut taxes for small business owners 18 times. He’s expanded lending so we can expand our businesses. And he’s helped level the playing field so that all of us on Main Street know that we’re playing by the same rules as they are on Wall Street.“ - Cheryl, Milwaukee Small Business Owner

"I want to thank [the President] for giving me that hope and for providing a philosophy in [his] administration that encourages people like me to open businesses and strive for greatness, for helping people like me to succeed in this world, and for making me feel like I can contribute just as much to society as anyone out there." - Joshua, Racine Small Business Owner

"My family has struggled my whole life to make it into the middle class. We have been on and off of welfare but I worked hard and now, because of the Pell grants I'm receiving, I'm able to go to college and make sure I have a good future when I can give back to society. Those tax breaks may not seem like a lot but they have helped my family." - Sandra

"I'm worried about both my own healthcare and not being able to give care to my employees. President Obama is the first president I’m aware of that’s gotten us on the road to solving this issue. President Obama continues to understand and implement policy geared towards small business owners.” - Lindsey, Madison Small Business Owner.

ACA small business
"I'm from the local 72 in Kenosha and when I get together with my buddies it is an absolute 100% consensus that Barack Obama save our jobs, our pensions, and our insurance by giving American workers like us a chance to compete again. We are indebted to him." - Danny, Kenosha

As a result of President Obama's policies, the economy has seen 31 consecutive months of job growth, 5.2 million new private sector jobs, and the largest growth of manufacturing jobs in a decade.

Find out more about what President Obama has done to help small business owners and his plan for the next four years.

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