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12 Days until Early Voting: I’m Voting Because of My Friend Bryce


There are many reasons why people volunteer, but for Josh, it’s personal.

“There are many reasons why I’m volunteering but the first reason that comes to mind is my friend Bryce. Bryce is in the Marines. I’m so glad that there is someone like President Obama in charge and making decisions. I feel much better knowing that there is someone in charge that is interested in making sure that when Bryce gets out of the military he will have the opportunities he should have and that they won’t be taken away.”

Josh can’t wait to cast his ballot – and neither should you.

“I’m not the most patient person, so I’d rather do it in the short amount of time it will take down at the city clerk’s office.”

Commit to vote early today and be the first to vote for Barack Obama here in Wisconsin on October 22nd.

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