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Why we register: University of Michigan

With less than four days to go until the voter registration deadline in Michigan, it's hard to get very far on campus without being asked if you're registered. Most students don't mind - and if anything, it's a reinforcement of the importance of voting if they're already registered.

“I want to vote for the candidate who wants the wealthy and corporations to pay their fair share so that everyone can have a fair shake.” - Alex

"I want - and need - to vote for a presidenr that stands up for the right to choose. My mother fought too hard for that right." - Kat

“President Obama is looking out for all Americans, regardless of how much we make or where we are from. He stood with the auto workers here when times were tough, and he's fought to make college more affordable. I think he really has a vision for moving the country forward. I want to make sure I can vote for that vision.” - Mark

Whatever the reason - you can't stand with President Obama on Election Day unless you're registered. Register to vote by October 9th in Michigan.

Register to Vote

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