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Why we organize

Nathan was a total rock star Summer Organizer in AL this summer and has now moved back to WI where he will surely continue his amazing work as a Fall Fellow. He had this to say about his experience,

“Three years ago I was a 13-year-old kid in living in southwestern Wisconsin. I was like any other boy who never followed politics. I simply did not care. It wasn’t until the summer of 2007 that I heard about Senator Barack Obama for the first time. I saw him give a speech on television and thought to myself, “This guy is pretty cool.” By the end of the year, I was following Senator Obama more and more. This year, when President Obama announced his campaign for reelection, I promised myself I would help. I applied as a Summer Organizer and was accepted


During my time as Summer Organizer here in Alabama, I have been fortunate to meet some inspirational people. Some have struggled for the last fifty years and refused to quit the fight. I have had the good fortune to meet people like Lilly Ledbetter, who spent years of her life fighting for women to have the same rights as men. She continues to fight because she knows there is more work to do.

I have met people like Edward Wood, a man who served our country in World War II and went on to march the streets with Dr. King in Alabama, serving as a bodyguard. Despite all they have done, these guys continue believe their job is not yet complete. They believe they can do more, and they will not rest until America has reached her full potential.

President Obama has inspired these people, and millions more, to continue the fight. As an American, I feel it is my duty to fight arm-in-arm with those whose voices are too rarely heard. The thing that has stood out most too me as an organizer is the power of one person. One person can register fifty people to vote, one person can make two hundred phone calls, one person can hold a house party, and one person can bring all these people together. When all these voices come together you create a movement. That’s what I’ve learned and that is why I organize.

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It is not too late to participate in our Fall Fellow program and experience something that you will never forget. Apply HERE

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