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Why Tennessee Can’t Wait Until 2012


This Sunday, November 6th, we’ll be exactly one year out from Election Day 2012. If you’ve been to one of our events in Tennessee before, you’ve probably heard a saying we’re fond of—that we’re not starting early, we’re starting on time. But now, with just 12 short months before Election Day, we need to kick it into high gear.

From Knoxville to Memphis, it’s up to us. When we wake up one year from now, our country will be headed in one of two directions, and it’ll be because of our efforts or lack thereof.

So I hope to see you at one of our events across on November 6th. You can find a complete events listing by clicking here.

With your help, we’ll build the biggest grassroots movement in political history and have fun at the same time.

If you can’t make it out on Sunday, commit to volunteer in the coming days, weeks and months.

The work we do now, a year before the election, will determine its outcome. Thousands of volunteers have already laid out the groundwork—it’s time for us to take advantage it.

With your help, we’ll win this thing. See you out in the field.

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