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Why Mike Gives

“I’m a small donor—the first time I ever donated to any campaign was to Barack Obama in 2008. I gave a number of small donations then and have done the same this year.”

Mike is one of the over one million small donors who are helping to build this campaign.

“If we have any chance of returning America to the greatness we had in the past—with the most highly educated populace and the best infrastructure in the world—then we have to vote for President Obama.

“I haven’t heard anything from the other side that doesn’t scare me. They want to create more opportunities for corporations to expand their influence and for the income gap to get larger. And I’m also really worried about our education system, because I think long-term, closing that gap will take an emphasis on education, and that’s something really important.”

Mike is self-employed—he provides PR help to foundations, nonprofits, and the city government in his home of Hartford, Connecticut. He often works on advocacy for low-income neighborhoods and community schools, and that’s part of what drives him to support President Obama’s campaign:

“Thirty percent to 40 percent of Hartford residents live below the poverty line. So right now I’m working with the mayor to bring together leaders in the community—in business, education, and government—to address job development, raising incomes, and improving education.

“I’m always hesitant to tell other people what to do financially. But I really think the future of America is at stake. We’ve got to look forward. My generation grew up knowing we’d have a better life than our parents did, and I think if we want that for our kids it’s important we re-elect President Obama.”

Folks like Mike, chipping in whatever they can afford, are driving this campaign. Pitch in today to make a difference in your community.

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