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Why I'm working to re-elect President Obama

Georgean A., team leader of Paradise Kailua, shares her reasons for helping re-elect President Obama.


President Obama is one of us. He is a normal American whose life has been filled with a diversity of experiences. He understands his neighbors, no matter where they live in this country, no matter what the hardships they face in their lives.

President Obama’s accomplishments in the past four years are unparalleled. He inherited an economy in shambles, yet without hesitation, he demonstrated commitment to all Americans by immediately pushing for the Recovery Act and comprehensive healthcare reform, to help stop the economic slide and protect the majority of American citizens. He did not look the other way, he made the hard choices and worked to better our condition as a people and a nation.

I have read President Obama’s books and think I know him better because of his writings. He has made the ultimate investment in America, giving his time and talents to make it a better place for all of us. His accomplishments speak for themselves: equal pay for equal work; reviving the U.S. auto industry; reforming credit card policies; ending "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"; providing all Americans with affordable healthcare; enacting Wall Street reform; raising fuel efficiency standards; lowering taxes for the middle class; ending the war in Iraq and eliminating Bin Laden. We need to build off of these accomplishments. We need to work to ensure that Barack Obama will lead this country for another four years.

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