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Why I'm Organizing for President Obama

With the holidays approaching, my father has been on my mind a lot lately. He was part of the Greatest Generation, and deserves every bit of credit for what he and those of his era accomplished. But I’ve also started wondering: Could we be on the brink of a new greatest generation? We are at a crossroads in America. What President Obama called a “make-or-break” time for the middle class.

In his speech in Osawatomie, Kansas, on December 6p, the President spoke about the dream of America, which has always been that people who work hard and play by the rules can achieve anything they set their minds to. My father, Alvie, embodied that vision. He went from selling boiled peanuts on street corners in Savannah as a boy to leading the global communications program for General Motors.

Sure, my father had some help here and there, but not much. He fought in World War II, and went to college thanks to the GI Bill. Everything else my dad achieved he did through hard work and loyalty, and with great integrity.

I believe our country could be poised to create a new greatest generation. There’s an opportunity to restore the principles that made our country great, and the President is already leading us in that direction with some amazing accomplishments like the Affordable Care Act, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and comprehensive Wall Street reform—all things that have affected the lives of everyday Americans.

But making sure everyone has enough means needing greater equality, greater cooperation, and a greater sense of our country as a community that works together instead of against each other. A country where everyone does their fair share and everyone gets a fair shot. It was a vision that worked for our country during the time of the Greatest Generation and at many other times in our history. It’s a vision that will work for our future. And that's why I am organizing for President Obama.

I hope you'll join me here in Birmingham, or find an event in your community and start organizing today.

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