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Why I'm In

Jason Hillner

I'm a healthy, 29-year-old male who runs an independent insurance agency. I have been working for years to help families navigate their way through a system that is impersonal, inaccessible, and often unfair. I give independent, unvarnished recommendations and let the chips fall where they may.

While I’m proud of what I do, I’m not always proud of what I have to do. I’ve sat across too many dining room tables to tell people they could not purchase health insurance because they were diabetic or had just beaten cancer. There have been too many phone calls to say that premiums are rising yet again despite record profits. You should see the look on a parent’s face when they hear their child can have insurance, but the one ailment they have will not be covered because it is “pre-existing”.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, we are turning the page on how we cover children and working-age Americans.

Even as we make strides under the President's leadership, we still must preserve the progress of previous generations. Today, House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan and the GOP are counting on those under 55 to not be motivated by their plans to end Medicare. They think we won’t be interested in what happens to a plan for older Americans. They think those too young to remember the poverty that existed among the elderly before Medicare can’t understand the consequences of a world without it. They think we don’t have the stomach for another health care fight after the past two years.

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