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Why I'm In

Philip Sparn

I'm “In” because I want to help President Obama fight for all Americans, regardless of race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, or income level. Most of the people I know - family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues - are Tennesseans working hard everyday to achieve the American dream. They’re not rich or upper middle class, they’re just average Americans doing their very best to get by. President Obama and his administration continually fight hard everyday to protect the interests of working class people. Our president is focused on helping working class folks and small business owners because he understands that turning our economy around must be accomplished by the people - not Wall Street - through policies which benefit all Americans. The effects of the president’s economic policies are beginning to take hold and are helping average Americans get back to work. The President is working hard towards providing economic stability and fairness among all Americans because all of us - from Hawaii to Tennessee - have a right to live the American dream. I want to help our president protect our fellow middle class Americans. This is why I am in.
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