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Why I’m In By Suzanne C., Super New Mexico Vol

Since signing up as an Obama supporter back in 2008 it’s been a wild ride. But, one thing hasn’t changed in a world of quick-developing crises: I still believe Barack Obama is an extraordinary man. The President has come through one crisis after another showing that he intends to find a way through our problems and a way to work with everyone at the table. He has retained my strong respect and admiration, even if I didn’t always agree with his decisions.

Suzanne C. is in because "he's a great Prez!"

What we have is a president with his heart completely in the right place, who judges carefully and intelligently, and makes the best decisions possible. I have to go with that. I worked so hard on health care, and it was such a wearing battle, that I didn’t think I could help with the midterms, but I did what I could. Then I planned to take a nice, long vacation until it was time to fight for the President for 2012 - maybe November of this year? But I decided to get involved now because, like the President said in his Budget speech last week, America was built on the principles of freedom, justice, and compassion. That’s an America worth fighting for.

So when the President asked if I was in, I had to rejoin, even though I wasn’t quite ready to get back to work - but the times aren’t waiting for us. We need every minute of the next year just to set up, reorganize, rebuild, and prepare to fight our hearts out in 2012 - and only then will the election really get underway. The choices we are making now are even more important than in 2008. I don’t feel I can stand by and watch them turn back the clock, so I guess I’ll just have to contact Pam Coleman and start making some calls. I hope you’ll join us. Please email [email protected] for more information.

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