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Why I'm all in

As a high-school student, I am not familiar with any other people my age who spend weeknights on conference calls. I began working with OFA in May, and have found myself becoming more and more involved as the days draw closer to the election in 2012. I am now the youngest Fall Fellow in Maryland, am in charge of all data entry in the state, and working on an outreach program that focuses on gaining the LGBTQ community’s vote and support. Joining this campaign has shown me the power of grassroots activity.


I was introduced to the campaign’s database on my first day in the office by Harriet S., a Community Organizer in Montgomery County. Since then, I have gone through so many sheets of information, that now Harriet lovingly calls me her ‘Data Monster’. I’ve also spent time making phone calls and knocking on doors, and had conversations with people across Maryland who are excited to volunteer to ensure the President’s victory. One of my favorite memories of the summer was on August 3rd when over 300 supporters packed a bar in downtown Silver Spring and celebrated President Obama’s birthday. Standing in a room crowded with new faces, I realized that the data I had put in and the phone calls I had made contributed to bringing these people together. With my senior year in front of me and close to a year left until the election, I am eager to continue my work and meet more highly motivated people ready to back our President and do what it takes to let him have a second-term.

For those who would like more information, and want to join in on the fun, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook or just give us a call at 240-242-5750. If you happen to live in Howard County, be sure to join us for our weekly Tuesday phone bank!

The best option, in my opinion, is to visit our office and witness for yourself the communities of people this campaign has created.

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