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Why I will always be "In"

By Marilyn Z.

Santa Fe Volunteer

At 5 pm on Election Day, 2008, my husband and I received a phone call from our Field Organizer who asked us to go to a trailer park in the southern part of Santa Fe, to check to make sure the newly registered voters there had indeed voted that day.

We were given a map and door hangers, and off we went. We found the area . . . a decided contrast to the multi-million homes lining the mountains just east of town. Driving though the area, it was plain that some of the cars were being used as living quarters. Most of the residents were not home, but we found one address that was.

Marilyn Z. is in to save Social Security and Medicare for her grandkids!

I knocked on the door, and 2 small boys, aged 7 and 9 answered. I asked for their mother, identified on my list as "Guadalupe." The boys reported that she was sleeping, as she worked nights at the local hospital.

I explained that their mom was a newly registered voter and I wanted to make sure that she had voted that day. They both started talking excitedly at once, jumping up and down. They told me that their mother had come to their school earlier in the day, and had voted for Obama. Also, they were both thrilled to report, this was the very first time she had ever voted.

When they saw my door hangers, they politely asked if they might each have one to hang over their beds. When I handed one over to each boy, they beamed.

I returned to the car, and dried my tears. I was so proud to have volunteered on behalf of a man who inspired such excitement, and dedication. A man named Barack Hussein Obama. My husband and I had called on many people during the campaign, but none moved us as much as this visit to a humble home.

I'm in for the President's Re-election for all of the children out there who deserve a better world.

The expectations for our President have always been high. I have never stopped believing in him to look out for the least among us. And I'm sure those little boys haven't either.

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