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Why I love a good watch party

I really enjoy hosting watch parties. They’re a great way to get a group together and talk about a plan for moving this campaign forward in our community.

Many of us have been volunteering for President Obama since late last year and worked on the 2008 campaign, too. Watch parties are a great time to see each other again and meet new volunteers so we can set goals together.

It’s a lot of fun to be with like-minded people. It reinforces that idea that we’re in this together.

After hearing what President Obama and Governor Romney have to say at the first debate, I'm sure everyone's going to be fired up. Everyone will be more eager than ever to volunteer to help keep our country moving forward.

For all the people who have been thinking, “I’ll get involved later,” this is later. Now is the time.

Find a watch party near you.

Find a Debate Watch Party

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