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Why I give: Rae’s story

“My dad was a real blue-collar guy—World War II veteran, didn’t go to college, worked for the telephone company all his life—but he and my mother were able to achieve financial success and stability. These days, kids are in debt at 22 years old, and it makes their lives incredibly hard financially. That’s why these Pell Grants and student loans are so important, and that’s one of the reasons I’m supporting President Obama—because he’s supporting our children’s futures.

“I’m a former high school social studies teacher, so these issues are really important to me. I taught for 35 years and I had a lot of kids who could have been the brightest students in the class, but they didn’t get the opportunity to succeed because of economic reasons. I had inner-city kids who had a hard time getting to school, kids who had to work after school to help pay the bills. These kids have it tough enough—we need to do everything we can to help them. President Obama is doing such great work by helping them get the funding they need for their education. And he understands the importance of teachers.

“I had to retire early from teaching because my parents got sick and needed help. Things were really difficult for us, but now, thanks to Obamacare, my parents are able to get more assistance at home than they had before. To me personally, that was huge because I was taking care of them all by myself and I really needed a hand. My mom is 85 and my dad is 89, and I didn’t want it to be a struggle every time I had to take them to the doctor.

“I’ve been a single mom supporting myself forever, so women’s issues mean a lot to me. Obama’s support is everything. I know that he’ll always do the right thing with it comes to women’s health and choices.

“This election is just so important for the future of the country, and I want to do every little bit I can. In 2008, while I was still teaching, one of my coworkers and I went on a campaign to register kids to vote—we actually won an award in our county for our work. That meant the world to me. We need to get those kids out there to vote—they tend to be Democrats! They can’t relate to Romney, but President Obama really speaks to what’s important to them. I’m telling everyone I know to talk to all of the young people they know. It’s all about voter turnout. In 2008, it rained on Election Day, so I actually went around my neighborhood, driving strangers to the polls.

“This time around, it’s a lot more difficult to volunteer outside of my house because of my parents, but I’m still doing all I can to help re-elect President Obama. That’s why I donated to the campaign previously, and that’s why I’ll be donating again. There couldn’t be a better cause.”

—Rae, Florida

Rae is one of the more than 2.7 million people who have chipped in to this campaign. Will you join her?

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