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Why I give: A teacher’s story

“I teach Social Studies to 8th graders at a local public school here in Ohio, and my experience as an educator and a union worker is the reason I support President Obama.

“I know that President Obama stands behind union workers like myself. There are probably between 15 and 20 teachers in my school district alone that have been able to keep their jobs because of funds that President Obama has made available to schools. Romney would take those funds away.

“As a teacher in a public school, I’ve seen the effects of economic inequality on my kids. That’s why I support doubling investments in scholarships and improving student loan affordability. I see the importance of it firsthand.

“I donated once and I’ll definitely be donating again. I also recently joined Educators for Obama and I’m going to be doing a good deal of phonebanking with them. I want to do everything I can.”

—Joshua, Ohio

Join Joshua and 2.4 million others by stepping up and donating today.

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