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Why Do I Volunteer?

Gail L. of CA

I volunteer because President Obama is trying to move this country forward. The work we do at Organizing for America gives us a chance to use the President’s principles of governing and of community activism. It takes incredible courage to speak up and to stand up for what you believe in, especially now, but I have seen so many people do just that.

I volunteer because I share our President’s view that we must strive for a common good. We’re all in this together, and I respect President Obama for having respect for all walks of people, nations, and cultures. He chooses the battles that really matter, like enabling everyone to access affordable health care.

I volunteer because it makes a difference. It inspires me to see different kinds of people banding together for a common goal. Even things that seem small, like having personal conversations or speaking to small groups, can have a very large impact. The only way we can really change things is if there are enough of us working together. President Obama said he couldn’t do it alone. He asked us to help, and that’s exactly what we need to do this year.

That’s why I’ve put some things aside so that I can give my time as a Neighborhood Team Leader in California. I want to know I’ve done all I can to bolster the common good we all hold so dear, to work towards a healthy nation and a better world.

Volunteer alongside Gail by joining the neighborhood team in your area today!

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