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White House statement: Today’s vote on student loans

The White House released a statement this afternoon in response to the Senate Republicans’ move to block legislation that would have prevented student loan interest rates from doubling:

It is extremely disappointing that Republicans in the Senate today voted to ask millions of students to pay an average of $1,000 each in order to protect a loophole that allows millionaires to dodge payroll taxes. On July 1, more than 7.4 million students across the country will see their interest rates double unless Congress acts. We’re pleased that, despite failing to address it in their budget, Republicans in Congress now profess to be concerned about this coming rate hike. But now it’s time for them to stop re-fighting old political battles and prove they’re serious by proposing a real solution to keep rates low for students without burdening middle-class families or undercutting preventive health care for women. We look forward to continuing to work with Congress to prevent rates from doubling and ensure that students continue to get a fair shot at an affordable education.

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