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While Republicans Debate, We’re Building Teams in New Hampshire

Last night in Hanover, folks came out to talk about the 2012 campaign—not at a debate—but at a grassroots event with Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.


The Chairwoman encouraged supporters to get involved in their community:

“Barack Obama is on our side. He is on the side of the middle class and of working families. He needs us to be on his side over the next thirteen months and to get active in a neighborhood team.”

Two Dartmouth students helping out yesterday were doing just that. Julia and Veronique, freshman roommates, are a part of the Dartmouth campus team, and were out collecting I’m IN cards on campus. Veronique, a first-time volunteer, feels it’s important she is involved because she knows there are many students on campus who don’t yet know about what the President has done for them—including passing legislation like student loan reform. “I have to be active to let them know," she says.


Veronique and Julia were “taking a megaphone to their friends and neighbors” to be an amplifier of the President’s message as Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz said we all need to do in this critical time. Are you interested in being involved in your community? Join us this Sunday in Manchester for our neighborhood team convention to learn about taking ownership of the Obama campaign in your area.

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