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Where Extraordinary Stories Are Common

Trevor G. and Effie C., two of our Central Tucson Fall Fellows, were moved by one of their volunteers at a phone bank the other night.

Last night, Effie and I, two students at the University of Arizona, held our first Neighborhood Team Meeting. Of the fifteen people that attended, a woman named Dev stood out to us. Dev’s husband, an African American, never thought that he would see an African American giving the inaugural address. And then he saw Senator Barack Obama announce his bid for President. Shortly after, he saw the Senator win the Democratic Nomination.

Sadly, Dev's husband never saw this dream come true. Just a few weeks before Barack Obama won the general election and became the first African American President, Dev’s husband passed away. Dev and her husband worked tirelessly to make sure that President Obama won that election, but her husband never got to see it. When we asked what her motivation was for being there last night, she said that it's simply because once was not enough; President Obama will not just be the first African American President, he will be the first one to serve two terms.

Dev’s story is incredible, but in this reelection campaign, it is not uncommon. We are a nationwide movement made up of passionate people with millions of incredible stories. However, there is of course one thing that we will always have in common. We fully support what this President has done for our country and what he will continue to do when we reelect him in 2012. Our team meeting went great, by the way. Dev is going to be with the President every step of the way in 2012

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