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"When my business was on the line, the President wasn’t afraid to step up"

50 days John Lambert

Today marks 50 days before we go to the polls and decide the future of this country. This is a milestone, so we're kicking off 50 Granite State Stories–the 50 stories you have to hear before you cast your ballot on election day. We're focusing in on real lives that have been changed here in New Hampshire because of the President's programs, goals, priorities and accomplishments.

We'll be sharing one of these a day from now until the polls open, starting right now.

Today we want to tell you about John Lambert, who owns a car dealership in Claremont. Many of you may know John, and we expect more than a few of you have bought a car from him. He's supporting the President this year because, he says, he knows he wouldn't be in business today without him.

“Lambert Auto Sales has been in my family for 44 years and if it weren’t for the President’s intervention our family business would no longer be here. My family has ridden out storms before, but 2008 and 2009 were some of the toughest years we have ever faced as a small business. We are so grateful that the President acted to save the auto industry when he did. It was by no means a popular decision but a truly vital one nonetheless.”

John witnessed the impacts of the President’s decisive action on the auto industry and knows just how much New Hampshire benefited from it:

“I could see that the President’s decision to save the save the auto industry was about more than just GM and Chrysler. It was about the million workers up and down the supply chain who depend on jobs in the auto industry. It was about the 23,000 jobs right here in New Hampshire that the auto industry supports. And it was about parts vendors, auto mechanics, line workers, and small dealers like me.”

“Recovering from one of the biggest economic crises since the depression was never going to be easy. The President’s action has ensured small businesses like mine can keep their doors open. The President never gave up on us, he didn’t quit and neither did we, because that’s not what American people do.”

Stand with the President and say you’re in for another four more years today.


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