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When I Met the President: A Volunteer's Story


Volunteer Frances D. never imagined in her wildest dreams that she would meet the President of the United States, but on October 8, Frances was there to greet Barack Obama as he stepped off Air Force One in San Francisco. As one of OFA-CA’s most determined and dedicated volunteers, Frances made over 2,000 phone calls at the San Jose office and earned tickets to an event with President Obama in San Francisco, as well as the opportunity to personally welcome him to the Bay Area.

In the beginning, it had to soak in. I said I was going to ask him questions, but I couldn’t… I couldn’t stop crying. Now when I see him on TV, I think back to that Monday when I was shaking his hand and he kissed me on the cheek. I didn’t even wash my face that night!

He loves people, you can feel it. He’s very sincere. Every time you hear him speak, it’s about what he can do for the people. It’s a personal thing. The night he won in 2008, I was watching it, and at that time it was such a calmness over the nation. It was magnetic. I knew I had to give all I can give to put him back in office this November.

We have a President that really cares for us as a whole, and it’s going to take all of us to put him back in office. You have a duty to yourself to get out there and help reelect him. I believe with all my heart he will finish what he started. It’s a passion for him. He wants what is best for every single American, and I believe he will continue working tirelessly to ensure that happens.

With only 21 days left until Election Day, Frances is working overtime to help reelect President Obama. Join Frances in the final days of this election and sign up to volunteer now.

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