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“What’s best for the working people of Ohio”

Jeff, Ohio

For Jeff, a sheet metal worker from Toledo, the election this November is about what’s best for the working people of Ohio. He came to see President Obama speak about the economic recovery in Maumee earlier today, and shared why he'll be voting for him in November:

“I vote based on my checkbook, on what’s best for the working people of Ohio, and that’s President Obama. He’s been good for everyone. He’s good people, same as everyone here today.”

Jeff believes that Mitt Romney’s policies—from his support of Issue 2 to his insistence on tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans—would be disastrous for Ohio.

“The alternative to President Obama is the worst thing that could happen to Ohio. The republican’s platform is anti-working America. For Mitt Romney, it’s still about trickle down economics. He’s never worked for us.”

President Obama is betting on folks like Jeff—hard working Ohioans who play by the rules and just want a fair shot. That's why he rescued America's auto industry, and why he fights every day for working Americans.

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