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What’s a neighborhood team?

By the time voters start thinking about casting a ballot this fall, there will already be tens of thousands of neighborhood teams ready to make sure every single supporter heads to the polls for President Obama.

So … what’s a neighborhood team?

Neighborhood teams are volunteers who work together to register, persuade, and turn out voters in their community. While traditional campaigns manage volunteers from the top down, ours empowers volunteers to take ownership of the organizing in their communities—making this a truly grassroots organization. Take a look inside a neighborhood team:

The neighborhood team leader is a superstar volunteer who’s responsible for making sure the team reaches its organizing goals. The NTL also recruits new team members, and plans volunteer events like team meetings and house parties to bring in new supporters. Before early vote and Election Day, the NTL will lead the team as it transitions into a get-out-the-vote operation.

Core team members support the NTL as specialists in the most important duties of a team. Every team has at least three CTM roles: phone bank coordinator, canvass coordinator, and data coordinator. Some teams add special CTM roles, like digital coordinator. Just like the NTL, the CTMs will take on specific get-out-the-vote duties around early vote and Election Day.

Team members are active volunteers who help the team reach its goals. Any supporter can become a team member and play an important part.

You can meet the neighborhood teams in your area by joining Dashboard today.

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