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What would you say to John Boehner, if you could?

No, you didn't just wake up from a bad dream. John Boehner and House leaders are actually moving forward with their plan to sue the President.

Of course, it's an unbelievable waste of time and taxpayer dollars—and when you think about what Speaker Boehner hasn't gotten done for the American people, it's even more outrageous. Name any issue you've wanted to see progress on, and you can be pretty damn sure the House hasn't done anything meaningful to move it forward.

That isn't working for the vast majority of Americans, and it's up to us to let him know it.

So I'm asking you, right now: What's the one thing you would say to John Boehner, if you could? Because OFA volunteers are going to hand-deliver all of your messages straight to his office.

Right now, John Boehner is personally standing in the way of a lot of progress.

And it's not the first time we have seen this from John Boehner and his friends in the House—remember when they shut down the government and wasted hundreds of hours trying to repeal Obamacare and take away affordable health care from Americans?

It seems like John Boehner goes through a lot of trouble to keep real work from getting done. That's something that frustrates a whole lot of people across the country who work hard every day.

It's time he heard from us. Let Speaker Boehner know what's on your mind and tell him to stop wasting our time.
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