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What We're Hearing on the Ground: Grassroots Planning Session in Hollis and Brookline


New Hampshire staff and volunteers are beginning to meet together across the state to start planning the summer and how to expand our “I’m In” program. Brookline and Hollis Obama supporters gathered last Thursday at a Grassroots Planning Session to strategize for the 2012 campaign. We are holding Grassroots Planning Sessions across the nation to get input from our volunteers, the backbone of the campaign. Local volunteers have the opportunity to hear the preliminary campaign plans and provide their feedback at the meetings.


Here in New Hampshire, supporters and volunteers at the Brookline and Hollis meeting discussed why the 2012 election is critical and what a winning campaign looks like. Meeting attendees committed to being a part of the campaign. They signed “I’m In” cards and spoke about why they are excited that President Obama is running again. They laid the groundwork for local house parties with both 2008 campaign volunteers and new supporters and planned how talking volunteer-to-volunteer in their towns would grow the their neighborhood teams.

Brookline GPS I'm In

Melanie, Jennifer and Jerry are all "In" for 2012!

“I’m in to ensure my children are able to live in a country that provides support for those that need it and the opportunity for all to succeed,” said Jennifer D. of Brookline.

Melanie Levesque, Brookline Democratic Committee co-chair, is in because “we need a strong middle class and a government that works for the people.”

Want to find out more about how you can be "IN" for 2012? Attend a GPS event in your community or email us at for more information.

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