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What Two Months Can Accomplish

Two months ago, Aaron L. entered this year’s class of summer organizers in New York City. The Summer Organizer Program was the window of opportunity for Aaron to turn his passion for politics into a contribution to the campaign.


Summer Organizers Aaron L. and Sharon R. at a voter registration event in Harlem on June 18th.

Aaron grew up in the suburbs of New York City, but has never been as immersed in the city as he was this summer, organizing in the Upper East Side and Upper West Side. The neighborhoods may be known for the landmarks within them—the Met, Columbia University, Central Park—but Aaron worked diligently with the people who call these neighborhoods home. The people he has met through one-on-one meetings and local events, some of who have blossomed into leaders of their neighborhood team, have an incredibly diverse mix of backgrounds and experiences—there’s even a registered Republican who has taken on a core team leader role.

Organizing is not without challenges—it is unlike anything Aaron had done before, and getting a grasp on organizing was difficult initially. Through the challenges, though, Aaron has transformed into a skilled organizer. He considers the most important lesson learned this summer to be that the potential of a group dedicated to a goal is unlimited, and that as a team we can successfully plan, organize and execute events that advance this campaign.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think we’d be holding weekly voter registration drives or that we’d have overflowing events.”

Collaboration between Aaron and community members allowed the existing infrastructure to prosper, and over the course of the past two months, the teams have held grassroots planning sessions, neighborhood team meetings, phone banks and voter registration drives. To commemorate the July 16th National Day of Action, the two regions held four events; at one event alone—a voter registration drive in Union Square—they registered over 100 voters.


Upper East Side volunteer reaching out to a New Yorker at a voter registration drive.

A mere two months later, Aaron’s teams on the Upper East and Upper West Sides are continuing to organize and grow, despite the conclusion of the Summer Organizer Program. The Summer Organizer Program was Aaron’s call to service, and his moment to leave a mark on this campaign. Are you ready to leave your mark? Email [email protected] to get started.

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