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What the End of the War Means to You

Folks across the country have been leaving messages of thanks to our troops for their service in Iraq and reflecting on what the end of the war means:

“It means that a lot of Americans will be coming home. It means that President Obama made good on his promise. And it means that we have some highly-trained citizens who will need a break, a home, and a job.”
—Douglas, California

“It means that the men and women of our armed forces will be reunited with families. This will help build a stronger America.”
—Patrick, Indiana

“It is a tremendous relief and we are forever indebted to all of the men and women who have sacrificed so incredibly much for all of us.”
—Sue, North Carolina

“It’s a time to celebrate—[I’m] just thankful to have our men and women home.”
—Brandi, Ohio

“Our fathers, brothers, sisters, and mothers can come home now. We can start focusing on what our country needs. Best of luck to the new democracy in Iraq.”
—Mary, California

With the war in Iraq drawing to a close and American servicemembers coming home to their families, take a moment to say thank you for their sacrifices.

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